Requests for quotes due 7 February 2013, 12h00
The quotation must be submitted on the letterhead of your business and emailed to Ms T Sahulo: or faxed to 086 529 7005, Finance Department.

Contract Number: ELM-3/064/2012-2013
a) A comprehensive analysis of the present basket of tariffs offered by the Elundini Local Municipality will be conducted according to the following deliverables:

  • Evaluation of the supply-side financial dynamics to include all energy received from Eskom using the existing tariffs imposed by Eskom measured against load profiles. This is necessary to conclude if the Local Municipality is on the most cost effective tariff. This must include looking at the possibility of installing check-meters at all Eskom points of delivery.
  • Evaluation of the current allocation of customers within demand-side sectors according to load profile. This includes the tariff grouping, like residential, commercial, farming, etc. The number of tariffs will also be addressed.
  • A comprehensive analysis of the existing tariffs which are offered by the Local Municipality to their customers. This includes an evaluation of the following facets: Actual costs incurred; Network costs; Expansion costs; Maintenance costs; Support costs; Profit margin; Cross subsidization.
  • Formulation of accurate and realistic tariffs which will be mutually beneficial to both the supplier and their customers.
  • A consolidation of the network in terms of the energy to cost balance which should be taking place.

b) Propose tariffs to NERSA for approval in time for the 2013 — 2014 financial year.

c) Facilitate implementation of the approved tariffs

Download RFQ below:

RFQ: Design of Electricity Tariff Structure Elundini (821.9 KiB)

By: Elundini Local Municipality
Submission Date: 07-February-2013 12:00
Submission Location: Elundini Local Municipality, No.1 Seller Street, Maclear, 5480
Document Collection:
Enquiries Name: Mr L Rozani
Enquiries Tel: 045 932 8194/8125
Enquiries Email:
Web Address:
Compulsory Brief Date:
Compulsory Brief Location:

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